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  • Computer, TV, Playstation, X-Box Repair and Modifications

  • Media Conversion, VHS to DVD, Slides to disc or print

  • DVD/CD Duplication and Printing

  • Web Design, Hosting, Maintenence

  • CCTV Security Solutions

  • Video Editing and Production

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We are proud to offer a full range of high
quality modifications repair and diagnostic testing. Our state-of-the-art
equipment on site offers fast custom results just the way you want it.

Electronics Department

We offer a wide range of repair, and custom modification services for your electronics and devices
Please Call for more information
Phone: 304-838-3653

Computer/TV/Gaming Console Repair and Modifications
VHS to DVD and other Media Conversions
Video Services including Editing, Duplication and much more

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Please check back with us as we are building a new web page and will unvail it soon.
Our mission is to improve and customize whatever you own, its yours, let us help you make it the way you want it.